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Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming)



SKU: 23-275

Artist: Lorraine Davies

Size: 90 x 68 Acrylic on Canvas , #23-275

Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming)

Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming) is major tjukurrpa across the central Australian deserts. The seven sisters traveled from Kaliwarra to Warnarn in Western Australia. Stopping at significant sites and waterholes including Kuru Ala, a sacred place for women’s business close to Wingellina Community. The sisters encounter Wati Nyiru, a lustful man who chased them around the desert. Wait Nyiru wanted one of the sisters as his wife, but he was old and they didn’t want him. The sisters were frightened and ran away, Wati Nyiru tracked them across the desert. Sometimes he tried to trick them, once pretending to be a wayanu (quandong fruit). The sisters can be seen as a cluster of stars with Nyiru following behind them in the night sky.

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