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The youngest and oldest arts project in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands

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The Minyma Kutjara story

Minyma Kutjara tjukurpa (Two Women creation story) is an important dreaming from the western and southern deserts of Australia which tells the story of two sister’s epic journey as they travel home across the Lands. Through sacred inma (storytelling, song and dance), their actions create sacred landmarks, such as rock holes and mountain ranges which are imbedded with important woman’s business and ceremony. Irrunytju Community sits at the base of a Minyma Kutjara site called Ultiju Kapi (Two Hills).

About us
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Meet our resident artists

Minyma Kutjara Arts Project is the central creative hub of Irrunytju Community where artists, young and old, create artworks, share stories and pass on knowledge. Working in a diverse range of mediums, with a strong connection to culture, Country and community, artists continue tradition while creating a sustainable business model for future generations.

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