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Kapi Tjukurpa



SKU: 23-578

Artist: Alison Watson

Size: 105 x 74 cm Acrylic on canvas , #23-578

Kapi Tjukurpa

There are many rockholes around Irrunytju, all with different names and exiting stories – Wani Wani, Irrunytju Rockhole, Ulkultjura.

For Aboriginal people living a traditional life in the desert areas of Australia, water, and knowledge of where it could be found, was essential to survival. Therefore, throughout Aboriginal Australia all water sources – rockholes, fresh water springs, soakages, rivers, underground water and billabongs – form a vital part of traditional knowledge and ritual life. Rockholes and other water sources were, and where possible still are, constantly maintained so that the water supply remains fresh and accessible

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