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Wati Ngintaka Tjukurpa



SKU: 21-114

Artist: Renae Fox

Size: 40 x 40cm / Acrylic on canvas , #21-114

Wati Ngintaka Tjukurpa

This is the story about Wati Ngintaka. That Wati Ngintaka heard the clapping sound of a beautiful grinding stone, a traditional tool used for grinding mai (food). Wati Ngintaka wanted that stone for himself, so he traveled from Aranga, a long way east toward Wayatin looking for the stone. He spotted Anangu tjuta (lots of people) at the camp. Some of the people gave him mai in the form of a seed cake, but it was dry and he didn’t like it. Then one lady gave him delicious food and he knew that it had been made with seed ground on the special grinding stone. He spied the grinding stone and hid it under his tail. The next day when Anangu went out hunting, Wati Ngintaka stayed in the camp, saying he had a sore foot. Once the people had gone and it was safe he stole the grinding stone. All the people were angry with Wati Ngintaka and chased him, when they caught him they felt all over his body to see where he was hiding the grinding stone but they couldn’t find it. Wati Ngintaka held up his arms and claimed he didn’t have it, but they saw he was hiding it ( wipungka) in his tail. The people speared the Wati Ngintaka and retrieved the grinding stone. Wati Ngintaka passed away at a place called Aran’nga in the Northern Territory. Ngaltutjara (poor thing). 

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