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SKU: 21-272

Artist: Sally Wipana Foster

Size: 122 x 76 cm / Acrylic on canvas , #21-272


Pikili is one of the many inland lakes the Minyma Kutjara (Two women) stopped at on their travels. Minyma Kutjara is one of the most important women’s Tjukurpa stories of the Western and Southern deserts and a special story for Irrunytju. It tells the story of the difficult journey of two sisters who travelled throughout these vast lands. The story is one that has been told many times through dance and painting.

Sally belongs to the Pitjantjatjara language and cultural group. Her mother was a highly respected elder from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands and her father, Wilitjiri Wilton Foster was instrumental in the Pitantjatjara Land Rights Movement in the 1970’s. Sally is a dynamic artist who works across a variety of mediums including painting and sculpture. She has exceptional bush skills creating innovative works in punu (wood) carving, tjanpi (grass) sculpture and painted tartu (seed) work.

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