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Kapi Ungkupayi



SKU: 22-218

Artist: Lloyd Ajax

Size: 137 x 121 cm Acrylic on Canvas , #22-218

Kapi Ungkupayi

There was only one white cloud in the sky. It followed us and showed us the way to the water. They were digging in that wet sand with a stick but nothing came so they called for us to bring a crowbar. Our lips were dry. And we were thirsty. We took turns digging.
It was dark and the sun went down and we were still digging. We collected that water in every bottle we had. And the billy can. When we found water we made a big fire. But no one saw that smoke. Old Mrs Woods she wanted to walk home through the ranges but we said no (she is too old), we just have to wait. They’ll come for us. But we were not worried, we were happy. (This story was told by Roma Peterman)

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